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5 Easy Tips For Decorating Your Designer Coffee Table

After choosing your living room furniture, how you accessorize the room becomes the next important step in completing your room design. With so many options for styling your coffee table, it is easy for you to end up with an unbalanced look. In many cases, a coffee table becomes the center of your living room. If you're not careful, it can become a landing zone for unwanted household items. However, if accessorized in a smart way, your coffee table can share your personal style and create a complete look for your space. There are many ways in which you could style your coffee table, and it can be overwhelming to choose. Our designers outline 5 easy ways to style your coffee table to ensure that you have the best living room design in the neighborhood. 1. Stack Your Books One of the easiest ways to style your coffee table is by stacking books. Simply stack your favorite books with the largest on the bottom and smallest on the top - lining up spines just like a librarian. On a large table, you can use these stacks to separate sizable accessories like vases or glass objects. Stacks of coffee table books can also be used as pedestals for other accessories such as designer boxes or bowls. Books can even be used to add a pop of color in muted rooms. It is hard to go wrong when styling your table with chic coffee table books!    2. Style With Designer Vases, Bottles, and Bowls Vases will give your coffee table a more dynamic look by adding levels to your decor. It will create heights where other accessories might create a flatter appearance. Designer vases can often have engaging stories such as the Italian-made KOSE collection, which is entirely manufactured by hand, according to ancient techniques.    3. Add Some Greenery Your coffee table can instantly be more inviting when you add any type of greenery or floral arrangements. Many interior designers use their stacked books as a pedestal for a small potted plant or vase of flowers. Research has shown that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels and offer other positive benefits - making this a great contender for your coffee table decor.   4. Add A Tray Trays come in a plethora of designs and can easily help make items work together on your coffee table. A tray can be the perfect combination of practical and beautiful. It can showcase many items on a table in one elegant way. Many trays are even useful for serving breakfast in bed, presenting cocktails on the patio, or just left alone with chic home accessories.   5. Showcase Unique Objects and Art The thing about adorning your coffee table is that it is completely up to you what you use. Coffee tables are typically in the center of living room seating, and therefore the more unique objects you display, the more interesting conversation you might ignite. If you keep items presented in a neat way, you are free to be creative.
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13 Chic Luxury Area Rugs That Will Upgrade Any Space

Designing the perfect space means thinking about everything from the size of the furniture to color of your home accessories. One of the most important accessories that can truly make or break a space is an area rug. For some, rugs might serve as a means of protecting a hardwood floor cushioning a surface. For others, including interior designers, area rugs are a staple for almost any room and can be the glue that brings the whole look together. Some interior designers even argue that you should consider designing your room around a rug. Luxury area rugs can last lifetimes. In many cases, luxury handmade rugs have several elements that go into what makes them so special. Materials, size, production time, and other critical factors set quality rugs apart from inexpensive mass-produced options. For example, a hand-knotted 9'x12' rug is composed of up to 1.5 million individually hand-tied knots that takes crafters about 1500 hours to make from start to finish. Whether you are browsing for just the right rug to finish off a room's look or beginning a design project with a rug, here are 15 of our favorite luxury designer area rugs for any room.   1. Tres Vegetal Hand Loomed Rug by Nanimarquina This rug, designed by Elisa Padrón & Nani Marquina, is designed in a variety of colors and styles. It showcases a rustic style with the use of natural-looking hemp. Hand-spun fiber is biodegradable, lightweight, and resistant to wear and tear. This rug is a flat weave created in India that offers a uniqueness through the irregularities generated by the crossing of the fibers and their different thicknesses, but also in the shades of beige, ivory, or off-white fibers.   2. Persian Color Rug by Nanimarquina   This luxurious rug demonstrates the epitome of tradition and craftsmanship. It is flexible, soft, and bright that is simple and plain. The Persian Colors rugs are knitted with Persian knot and hand spun Afghan wool through a laborious manual process that enriches the fabric providing a texture of extreme softness. The collection is hand spun, giving irregular properties that showcase ancestral techniques.  3. Seta II Rug by GT Design The Seta II Rug shares a unique tactile and light experience. Created with silk yarn and pure wool, this hand-woven rug is designed in warm earth tones. This sophisticated design is perfect to bring together all the design elements of your room.   4. Textures Tweed Rug by GT Design This rug is part of a collection of rugs created with wool woven on a mechanical loom. The rugs are flexible and stain resistant. This design features broad striped woolen weaves, thanks to the addition of an interlaced yarn in silky polyester. The rug has wool and polyester yarns entwined softly to produce an elegant textured weave.    5. Shadows Rug by Golran This rug, designed by Isabella Sodi, is a beautiful medley of dark and light tones. The design is available in a variety of color options, including beige, black, brown, gold, white, sweet pink, and lapis.   6. In-Touch Rug by GT Design This rug is incredibly soft and produced in Tencel, which is one of the most eco-friendly fibers on the market. Versatile and chic, this rug is perfect for all types of contemporary styles.   7. Luna Rug by Nanimarquina Asking for the moon is no longer impossible. This dreamy rug is a re-edition of Oscar Tusquets’ La Luna rugs from the ’80s. This rug features warmer tones in brown and beige. The Luna rug is perfect for hallways or the foot of a bed.    8. Black on White Rug, Estambul by Nanimarquina This unique rug adds a type of artwork to the floor - drawing your eyes to it immediately. The original sketch for this rug was a watercolor painted by Mariscal in 1987. Using this concept as a starting point, the design is updated using unique patterns reminiscent of comics.   9. Blur Rug by Nanimarquina   This rug seems simple from afar, but up close it features shapes and textures that have a life of their own. This "blurred" effect that is seen from a distance is achieved by inverting the sense in which the kilims are traditionally woven - a laborious process. This change in weaving causes the lines to be blurred, mixing two colors unevenly, creating an aged rug, reminiscent of the past.   10. Coconutrug, Terra Fresca - Aria Aperta Rug by GT Design  This rug is created using top quality coconut fiber that is perfect to protect the floor, in areas subjected to heavy footfall, in homes with pets, holiday homes, at the seaside, or in the mountains. In Aria Aperta, the coconut fiber is embellished with a multicolored technical yarn, and in Terra Fresca by a luminous fiber in neutral hues.   11. Fluid Rug by GT Design This rug is very versatile and is suitable for many environments, including residential, commercial, and hospitality. The high-performance yarns are woven using a handmade technique that allows to customize the textures with inlay designs, and bouclé and cut pile finishes resulting in one-of-kind pieces. This collection was selected to be included in exclusive projects by top international architectural firms such as Zada Hadid and Gensler.    12. Hand Knotted, Cobble Rug by Gan Rugs This contemporary cobblestone-inspired rug combines grey and black in an interesting pattern. Designed with hand-knitted wool, it will not only add texture to your room, but provide a soft oasis for your feet.     13. Kama Ambient Rug by GT Design Designed by Deanna Comellini, this rug captures light and allows it to bounce and reflect through the weave. Soft to touch, visually exciting esthetics, the hand-spun fibers are luxurious and refined with a touch of bold.
Contemporary Hamptons Style Home

7 Ways to Create Hamptons Style in Your Home

The Hamptons are known for lavish summer lifestyles that include beautiful beaches, stunning homes, exclusive cocktail parties, and sleek style. It makes sense that people want to incorporate this feeling into their home design. Hamptons home style can be described as light, bright, airy, and sophisticated. Interior design in the Hamptons can often come with a sense of effortless calm. For a house to meet these criteria, you must keep in mind the proper color scheme, lighting, flooring, and furnishings. Below are 7 design elements that you can incorporate into your home to achieve beautiful Hamptons style.   1. Natural Textures and Linens in Whites and Neutral Tones Use natural materials for curtains, rugs, and textiles to warm up plain white walls. Don't be afraid to layer rugs and use materials like jute to bring natural textures to your home. Luxury throw blankets in whites or other light colored neutrals also easily help make your space feel more like home and give any piece of furniture that Hamptons style. 2. Oversized Furniture The Hamptons is all about entertaining, and what makes a gathering more enjoyable than comfortable oversized furniture. When shopping for furniture for your home, choose pieces that are not only impressive and large, but also that are comfortable and perfect for hosting guests. 3. Bright Accent Lighting Whether your home has an abundance of natural light or not, using bright and elegant accent lighting is a great way to achieve Hampton's style. Accent lighting can dress up a space and create the illusion of an abundance of light. Think table lamps, sconces, and more. For example, pendant lighting is a staple in many Hamptons style kitchens. 4. Large Windows At this point, it is very clear that the key to creating Hamptons style in your home is to keep rooms feeling bright and airy. It makes sense that a staple in many beautiful Hamptons home designs are large spanning windows. If you do use curtains, remember that natural materials and neutral solid colors are perfect for this look. 5. Marble Interior Accents This east coast style is not only understated, but it should be luxurious. From bathroom accessories to your dining room tabletop, light colored marble will give your space a crisp look. 6. An Elegant Exterior Your home's curb appeal should be equally as important as your interiors. Follow the neutral tones on the outside of your home and consider wood paneling for an authentic Hamptons style. 7. Chic Outdoor Furniture Create a seamless transition from the interior to the backyard with consistent color choices and chic outdoor furniture. Use outdoor tables, lounges, and accessories to create the same feeling outside.
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9 Luxury Wine Glasses That Will Elevate Your Dinner Table

Wine has been the center of social functions and after-work relaxation rituals for hundreds of years, and how it is served can have an impact on your experience. Choosing wine glasses for your collection can be tedious because the size and shape of wine glasses can not only impact your table's aesthetic appeal, but it can also impact the taste of the wine. The width of the bowl and the thickness of the rim affects how you experience the wine. But choosing your wine glasses should not just be about science. Glassware can be another way to personalize your home, whether that means slim and sophisticated or bold and unique. Whether you're in the mood for red wine or white wine, we want to share our favorite 9 luxury wine glasses that will help you set the table with style. 1. Charleston - White Wine Black These Dibbern wine glasses are hand blown and made from hand-cut, layered crystal. With a long slim stem and thick black stripes outlining the bowl, this wine glass can easily add vibrance to your table. 2. Light - White Wine Glass These long-stem porcelain Dibbern wine glasses bring a classic style to your table. This design is offered in a few variations that include options for red wine or white wine. 3. Madison - White Wine Glass This beehive-shaped white wine glass is a great match for those who prefer a more traditional style long stem option, but who still want a dash of design. 4. Solid Color - Tumbler These more traditional stemless tumblers are perfect for wine. These porcelain glasses are easy to hold, very durable, and less prone to tipping over or breaking. These are also available in an assortment of colors. 5. Venice - Tumbler This Dibbern hand-blown glass tumbler has a beautiful vase-like shape that leaves a lot of room for aeration that is great for wine lovers. This curvaceous glass is available in an assortment of colors that allow you to personalize your glasses to your style. 6. Jancis Robinson x Richard Brenson - The 1 Wine Glass   This versatile design is classic and refined. Use this glass for any type of wine, including sparkling wine, port, sherry, and sweet wines. This shape has been specially designed to maximize your enjoyment of all wines’ aromas, flavors, and textures in the most practical way possible. 7. Rotondo Optic - Tumbler This sleek stemless glass is made in Germany and is the perfect design for those wine lovers who prefer a more untraditional option. These beautiful tumblers are also available in an assortment of colors for those shoppers looking for a little pop of color.   7. VVD Water/Wine Glass These stemless glasses, designed by Vincent van Duysen, are made from Bohemian crystal and are made in three neutral color options. This simple design is yet another way to serve wine in a way that will surprise your guests.   9. John Pawson Wine Glass This martini-inspired glass is made from Bohemian crystal and designed by John Pawson who is known for his rigorously simple architecture that speaks of the fundamentals. Pair these glasses with a chic charcuterie selection to impress your guests.
Consider These 10 Home Accents To Achieve Chic Contemporary Style

Consider These 10 Home Accents To Achieve Chic Contemporary Style

Luxury accents and accessories can completely define a space when it comes to interior design for your home. To achieve a chic contemporary style sometimes less is more. Decorating your home can be an immensely thorough process but sticking with a few key accents can help you accomplish a lot with only a few items. Before you begin buying aimless decor items, take some time to plan exactly what room accents and accessories to buy that will truly make for a beautiful space. Below, we have curated 10 types of home accessories and examples of each that are sure to elevate your home design. 1. Woven Waffle Throw Blankets Nid Plaid Linens are an easy way to make a home feel cozy while also being stylish. Woven linen blankets can be styled in so many different ways and are perfect for personalizing a space. 2. Chunky Wool Throw Pillows Clouds - Chunky Wool Throw Pillow Super soft natural merino wool creates a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind look on any decorative throw pillow. When looking for throw pillows, bringing in soft textures on pillows can help give your seating a distinct personality.3. Large Accent Mirrors Starlight Mirror Large mirrors can make smaller spaces feel more spacious and add elegance to any room. Whether you are designing your perfect living room or a cozy breakfast nook, the sleek lines of a simple accent mirror are exactly what your wall needs. 4. Geometric Table Lamps Atollo 237 Table Lamp Table lamps should bring more than just light to your room. Consider adding a lamp with clean geometric shapes to your space. 5. Luxury Coffee Table Books Glenn Sestig Architects Diary Coffee table books are by far one of the most common interior design accessories for a home. Books like this beautiful architecture coffee table book can be used to add subtle hints of color to the room and something interesting for your guests to browse.6. Luxury Interior Design Candles Cloon Kleen - Candle (Autograph Tree) Interior designers love candles, and for good reason. Choosing your favorite fragrances to fill your home is the perfect way to create a relaxed environment and pamper yourself all at the same time. When designing your home, think of how different candle fragrances might feel in each room in your home. 7. Geometric Decorative Vase Geometria Alta Vase Vases are an easy piece of decor that can accessorize any part of your home but they are also versatile in that they are made in a wide array of sizes, colors, shapes, and materials. While some vases are bold enough to stand alone, others can be filled with your favorite floral arrangements or beautiful branches. 8. Decorative Bowls John Pawson - Bowl Whether it is a glass, metal, or ceramic bowl, these simple accents can make any interior surface look elegant. Decorative designer-created bowls come in many different colors and shapes, so shop around until you find the perfect one for your space. 9. Chic Muted Area Rugs Kama - Rug An area can have a powerful impact on the aesthetic of a room, whether they are adding "artwork" for the floor or simply providing a chic background for another bold decor. Deciding which area rug is right for you involves several key considerations, however, it is hard to go wrong when choosing something in a soft neutral color. 10. Simple and Sleek Benches Home Hotel - Bench When we think about furniture or accents that transform spaces we often think of larger pieces such as sofas. However, a simple and humble indoor bench can completely redefine your space. Keep it clear or add soft textiles.
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Oversized, Comfy Seating is Trending - See Our Top 5 Picks

It is no secret that stylish, yet uncomfortable furniture is overrated. As design joins the modern age, consumers have higher expectations. People want both luxury designs and comfort when furnishing their homes. Families spent a lot of time in their homes this past year, and it gave everyone an opportunity to reflect on what makes a space work for them. In fact, searches for oversized furniture on platforms like Google have recently increased by over 300%. People are putting more and more effort into perfecting their home furnishing and decor. Comfortable furniture is making a big splash because when people were using their homes for everything from entertaining to working, they began to understand why luxury is comfort. Consumers are looking for seating that is comfortable enough to sink into, but still aesthetically beautiful. Oversized chairs and couches are perfect for lounging with a good book by yourself or hosting a few friends on the weekend. Also, oversized seating isn't just for spacious homes, like commonly believed. These big chairs and sofas can be used in smaller spaces such as a city loft just as easily! In addition to comfort and versatility, choosing oversized pieces can be an easy way to give your room a focal point. Whether you're laying out your oversized seating in a small space or a large space, let the furniture speak for itself. Try to keep the room clutter-free and use clean lines and simple color palettes to frame the seating. Take a look at a few of our top picks for oversized and comfy seating. 1. Up 50 Armchair  The shape of this chair is unique and playful, making this an excellent statement piece that also offers indulgent comfort. The chair is now available in an assortment of colors, including orange-red, navy blue, petrol green, emerald green, and cardamom. 2. Le Bambole '07 Armchair This large chair was made with comfort in mind. Designer Mario Bellini wanted to reproduce “a living body, pleasant to touch and embrace, soft and safe." 3. Camaleonda Sofa The Camaleonda is a contemporary classic. This sofa can be ordered and ordered and arranged to be as large as you want. By simply hooking and unhooking seats, backrests, and armrests, you can change the layout of these pieces. There is an infinite number of possible configurations. The padding has been thoroughly designed, making it incredibly comfortable. 4. Pouf Capitonne Big, oversized seating doesn't have to just be a chair or sofa. Big poufs or ottomans can give a space a bold personality and an extra comfy spot to perch. This piece is available in four sizes and is all about sleek, clean design, proportions, and functionality. A center seam underlines the geometric shape of the pouf, which is very versatile due to the wide range of upholstery options. 5. Fat-Sofa Armchair This chair is the perfect amount of style and comfort - an easy alternative to traditional wing-back chairs. Round, soft and sinuous shapes: this series of floor-standing seats without a metal base offers a new expression of comfort.
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8 Luxury Outdoor Decor Trends for Summer 2021

Summer has arrived! As family’s transition into their seasonal homes in their favorite destinations, it is time to evaluate our beloved outdoor spaces. Summer's arrival is a signal to pull out the floppy sun hats, order new lawn chaises, and start planning those BBQs. This year, vacation plans for millions of travelers are still on hold, which means that people are looking for ways to transform their ordinary outdoor spaces into resort-inspired escapes. Of course, we have always loved our outdoor spaces, but the pandemic has given an even bigger responsibility to our homes. Outdoor design and entertaining has become more popular than it has been in many years. The 24/7 at-home lifestyle that has been driven by the pandemic has inspired families to take advantage of every possible space - especially their outside space. "These products are luxury furniture pieces that make any space look idyllic. Because of this, we have clients who have already begun cultivating their pieces for their 2021 outdoor spaces," says designer and co-owner Jan of JANGEORGe Interiors and Furniture. Take a look at our top eight outdoor furniture and decor trends picks for 2021 and be inspired to start your own backyard project for this year. 1. Resort-Inspired Comfortable Furniture Inout 81 Daybed Cozy lounge furniture is in for 2021. Just because your vacation plans were cancelled this summer doesn't mean you can't have your favorite resort-style experience. When setting up your outdoor space, lounge chairs are perfect next to a pool or perhaps just out in the garden. Consider adding more lounge-like outdoor furniture, such as cushy loveseats and sofas. 2. Ambiance Lighting Overscale Flames Outdoor   What do candles offer interior design that make them so coveted? For starters, the ambiance lighting! It is no secret that modern candles are trending for indoor accessories. Replicate that same feeling by adding ambiance lighting to your backyard this summer. Ambiance lighting can help create that luxury outdoor experience you have been dreaming about. Whether using an oil lantern or outdoor lighting, this trend will impress all your summer guests! 3. Outdoor Kitchens Featuring Family-Style Dining Areas Outdoor Collection by Kettal Don't waste a minute of sunshine this summer! Bring everything outside, including the kitchen and dining room. Think of all that time you will save not walking back and forth from the inside to the outside. Use that extra time with your loved ones this year. 4. Stylish Outdoor Planters Zigzag Outdoor Planter Digital data shows that a plethora of social platform users are pinning thousands of images that feature social space gardens, staycation gardens and rustic retreat gardens. We love to see it! Spend a little more time this summer curating the perfect tropical garden, and elevate the look with stylish outdoor planters. 5. Outdoor Workstations InOut 838 Round Table Working from home has become an essential part of the busy professional's vocabulary in the past year. In fact, many large companies have decided to allow employees to work from home more often. This summer, don't spend all your time indoors hunched over your computer. Bring it all outdoors with the perfectly curated designated workstation. 6. Outdoor Living Rooms With Luxury Pavilions Double Pavillion L As you begin to move activities outdoors this summer, consider truly designing and decorating the space just as you would your indoor space. All of the luxuries you enjoy inside can be replicated outside. Be sure to have enough table and surface space for drinks and snacks for the whole family! 7. Durable Outdoor Accessories Tres Outdoor - Rug When choosing outdoor accessories, you need to be comfortable, but what matters the most is that all of your pieces need to be built to last. Lanterns, rugs. drapes, and other accessories can easily experience all types of weather. People want these items to last as long as possible and to look their very best. Make sure when shopping to ask exactly what items are made of and if they are meant to be used outdoors. 8. Modern Fire Pits Zero Wood-Burning Outdoor Fire Pit, Steel Collection Some people might consider fire pits as a must-have accessory for your winter outdoor space, but the fact is that fireplaces are versatile. For those people who live by the shore or in desert climates, nights can bring chilling breezes. Adding a modern fire pit to your yard can not only bring a little warmth and ambiance lighting to set the scene, but it can also be a design staple that brings your whole look together. Regardless, we can all agree that family time together is timeless. Fire pits can be the perfect place to gather after a long day by the pool to craft one of the most essential summer items - S'mores!
A Message From Jan & George: Farewell To Twenty-Twenty

A Message From Jan & George: Farewell To Twenty-Twenty

As this year comes to an end, we like to take a few moments of your time. 2020 challenged us on many levels. We all faced concerns and uncertainties that to the day are a fact of our daily lives. We said goodbye to loved ones way too early and too many times.  But, like with all matters in life, there was balance. 2020 showed us to be grateful.  First, our team members, the people that work for us and with us, are outstanding. One of our staff members put it in perfect words, “we are here for each other, both in the office and outside the office.”  We always knew that and felt that, but 2020 made us realize this in a much deeper and profound way. We love our staff, admire them, we are in awe of their honesty and dedication, and the passion they have for what we do. Without their hard work, laughter, tears, and love, none of what we do at JANGEORGe would have been possible. Second, we feel blessed with the clients we work for, which of many, have turned into long-lasting friendships. The support we have felt from our loyal customers is just one of the best emotions to feel. It sparked creativity in a way that we have never seen before. Through our online platform, we got to connect with new clients worldwide, met with Interior Design enthusiasts from around the globe, and started new conversations that came from the heart.  There are no words or ways to express how blessed we feel. This last year has been magical. It has shown us what life means, what it means to listen to our instincts, to be there for each other, our teams, and our clients, to let the being be! We want to wish you a fantastic rest of your holiday season and a spectacular new year, and above all, happiness and health.  Jan and George Rutgers
JANGEORGe Interior Design, Jan des Bouvrie photo, taken by Erwin Olaf

Get to know Jan des Bouvire: The grandmaster of the White Interior (1942-2020)

"Grandmaster Of The White Interior." Dutch celebrity designer Jan des Bouvrie (78), known for creating the iconic Cube Sofa and introducing white minimalist interiors to the Netherlands, has passed away after a multi-year battle with prostate cancer. Mr. des Bouvrie's career spanned over 50 years, from the initial product designer to complete residential and commercial design projects. Jan des Bouvrie was born in the city of Naarden, just east of Amsterdam, in 1942. His family ran a furniture business, and he decided to attend the Gerrit Rietveld Academie for art and design in Amsterdam to follow in their footsteps. After a brief stint working for his parents' business, he ventured into designing furniture himself. He moved his design studio to his home town of Naarden in 1993, a fortified city famous for its unique layout resembling a giant snowflake. Together with his spouse and fellow Interior Designer Monique des Bouvrie, he set up Het Arsenaal, located in the center of The Netherlands, called Het Gooi. An early archetype of a studio, a restaurant, and a lifestyle showroom, all within a beautiful former 17th-century military building. With this by Jan and Monique created source for all the senses, they were true pioneering. It simply was never done or conceived before. Their design studio and showroom quickly became THE hotspot for design. "I Have Always Sought The Light." Before the arrival of Jan des Bouvrie in the Dutch Design scene, interiors were mostly dark and more on the moody side. His most well-known design, the Kubusbank or Cube Sofa, created for Gelderland in 1969, is still in production and present today. Jan's quest for light and lightness, whether that would be with the use of the color white in his product designs or the open, airy, and sparsely designed contemporary interiors, would away be the main focus of his design aesthetic. In 2009, Jan was named a Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion, the country's oldest and highest civilian order of chivalry. After his passing, many within the International Interior Design scene paid tribute to Jan des Bouvrie.  Fellow Dutch designer Piet Boon was spot on with his remark, "It is amazing to realize, that when the Dutch think of the color white, they think of Jan de Bouvrie." "Jan des Bouvrie, colorful as he was, made the world light and white," reads a statement from Studio Jan des Bouvrie.    Studio Jan des Bouvrie will continue to be operated by his wife, Monique.