8 Luxury Outdoor Decor Trends for Summer 2021

Summer has arrived! As family’s transition into their seasonal homes in their favorite destinations, it is time to evaluate our beloved outdoor spaces. Summer's arrival is a signal to pull out the floppy sun hats, order new lawn chaises, and start planning those BBQs. This year, vacation plans for millions of travelers are still on hold, which means that people are looking for ways to transform their ordinary outdoor spaces into resort-inspired escapes.

Of course, we have always loved our outdoor spaces, but the pandemic has given an even bigger responsibility to our homes. Outdoor design and entertaining has become more popular than it has been in many years. The 24/7 at-home lifestyle that has been driven by the pandemic has inspired families to take advantage of every possible space - especially their outside space.

"These products are luxury furniture pieces that make any space look idyllic. Because of this, we have clients who have already begun cultivating their pieces for their 2021 outdoor spaces," says designer and co-owner Jan of JANGEORGe Interiors and Furniture.

Take a look at our top eight outdoor furniture and decor trends picks for 2021 and be inspired to start your own backyard project for this year.

1. Resort-Inspired Comfortable Furniture

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture Kettal Inout 81 Daybed

Inout 81 Daybed

Cozy lounge furniture is in for 2021. Just because your vacation plans were cancelled this summer doesn't mean you can't have your favorite resort-style experience. When setting up your outdoor space, lounge chairs are perfect next to a pool or perhaps just out in the garden. Consider adding more lounge-like outdoor furniture, such as cushy loveseats and sofas.

2. Ambiance Lighting

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture B&B Italia Overscale Flames Outdoor


What do candles offer interior design that make them so coveted? For starters, the ambiance lighting! It is no secret that modern candles are trending for indoor accessories. Replicate that same feeling by adding ambiance lighting to your backyard this summer. Ambiance lighting can help create that luxury outdoor experience you have been dreaming about. Whether using an oil lantern or outdoor lighting, this trend will impress all your summer guests!

3. Outdoor Kitchens Featuring Family-Style Dining Areas

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture Kettal Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Collection by Kettal

Don't waste a minute of sunshine this summer! Bring everything outside, including the kitchen and dining room. Think of all that time you will save not walking back and forth from the inside to the outside. Use that extra time with your loved ones this year.

4. Stylish Outdoor Planters

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture Kettal Zigzag Outdoor Planter

Zigzag Outdoor Planter

Digital data shows that a plethora of social platform users are pinning thousands of images that feature social space gardens, staycation gardens and rustic retreat gardens. We love to see it! Spend a little more time this summer curating the perfect tropical garden, and elevate the look with stylish outdoor planters.

5. Outdoor Workstations

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture Gervasoni Inout 838 Round Table

InOut 838 Round Table

Working from home has become an essential part of the busy professional's vocabulary in the past year. In fact, many large companies have decided to allow employees to work from home more often. This summer, don't spend all your time indoors hunched over your computer. Bring it all outdoors with the perfectly curated designated workstation.

6. Outdoor Living Rooms With Luxury Pavilions

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture Kettal Double Pavillion L

Double Pavillion L

As you begin to move activities outdoors this summer, consider truly designing and decorating the space just as you would your indoor space. All of the luxuries you enjoy inside can be replicated outside. Be sure to have enough table and surface space for drinks and snacks for the whole family!

7. Durable Outdoor Accessories

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture Nanimarquina Tres Outdoor Rug

Tres Outdoor - Rug

When choosing outdoor accessories, you need to be comfortable, but what matters the most is that all of your pieces need to be built to last. Lanterns, rugs. drapes, and other accessories can easily experience all types of weather. People want these items to last as long as possible and to look their very best. Make sure when shopping to ask exactly what items are made of and if they are meant to be used outdoors.

8. Modern Fire Pits

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture AK47 Zero Wood Burning Fire Pit

Zero Wood-Burning Outdoor Fire Pit, Steel Collection

Some people might consider fire pits as a must-have accessory for your winter outdoor space, but the fact is that fireplaces are versatile. For those people who live by the shore or in desert climates, nights can bring chilling breezes. Adding a modern fire pit to your yard can not only bring a little warmth and ambiance lighting to set the scene, but it can also be a design staple that brings your whole look together. Regardless, we can all agree that family time together is timeless. Fire pits can be the perfect place to gather after a long day by the pool to craft one of the most essential summer items - S'mores!

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