A Message From Jan & George: Farewell To Twenty-Twenty

As this year comes to an end, we like to take a few moments of your time.

2020 challenged us on many levels. We all faced concerns and uncertainties that to the day are a fact of our daily lives. We said goodbye to loved ones way too early and too many times. 

But, like with all matters in life, there was balance. 2020 showed us to be grateful. 

First, our team members, the people that work for us and with us, are outstanding. One of our staff members put it in perfect words, “we are here for each other, both in the office and outside the office.” 

We always knew that and felt that, but 2020 made us realize this in a much deeper and profound way. We love our staff, admire them, we are in awe of their honesty and dedication, and the passion they have for what we do. Without their hard work, laughter, tears, and love, none of what we do at JANGEORGe would have been possible.

Second, we feel blessed with the clients we work for, which of many, have turned into long-lasting friendships. The support we have felt from our loyal customers is just one of the best emotions to feel. It sparked creativity in a way that we have never seen before. Through our online platform, we got to connect with new clients worldwide, met with Interior Design enthusiasts from around the globe, and started new conversations that came from the heart. 

There are no words or ways to express how blessed we feel. This last year has been magical. It has shown us what life means, what it means to listen to our instincts, to be there for each other, our teams, and our clients, to let the being be!

We want to wish you a fantastic rest of your holiday season and a spectacular new year, and above all, happiness and health. 

Jan and George Rutgers

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