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    It was founded in 1990 by Mario Dell’Orto and Emanuela Garbin for the purposes of providing Companies and Sales Outlets from the furnishings sector with design and consultancy services: from the identification of placement strategies to industrial design to the restructuring of exhibition and sales areas.
    The Studio’s activities encompass various domains: from interventions to identify development strategies to research into communication, and from industrial design to the planning or restructuring of exhibition and sales areas.
    Consultancy provided to companies may comprise specific requirements or art-direction in the general sense, oriented towards identifying an organizational and synergic path where the various initiatives can be brought together, so as to establish maximum brand awareness in the marketplace.
    An important activity for the Studio is the design of exhibition areas for individual companies or for groups of brands organized into associations. In the first case, the stands are generally highly distinguished projects in harmony with the company philosophy. In the second, the diverse requirements lead to modular projects that can be repeated in accordance with the environmental conditions or the spaces and surfaces available.
    The continuously evolving Design sector has allowed project themes to be developed for several different utilization channels and placements in the furnishings market.
    These products are featured in the collections of some of the sector’s most prestigious names, such as Casamilano, and have received numerous awards in exhibitions and competitions.
    For exhibition areas or showrooms, the Studio deals with design and renovation, identifying the intervention strategy, and defining the image and the communication. The project bases its continuity on the maintenance and expansion efforts of the Sales Outlet through initiatives, promotions and displays.
    The Studio develops the synergic activity that arises from the interconnection between the individual specializations of the intervention, and is thus able to employ a wider vision to face the problems that currently beset a sector which is experiencing great transformation and turmoil.
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