Oversized, Comfy Seating is Trending - See Our Top 5 Picks

It is no secret that stylish, yet uncomfortable furniture is overrated. As design joins the modern age, consumers have higher expectations. People want both luxury designs and comfort when furnishing their homes.

Families spent a lot of time in their homes this past year, and it gave everyone an opportunity to reflect on what makes a space work for them. In fact, searches for oversized furniture on platforms like Google have recently increased by over 300%. People are putting more and more effort into perfecting their home furnishing and decor. Comfortable furniture is making a big splash because when people were using their homes for everything from entertaining to working, they began to understand why luxury is comfort. Consumers are looking for seating that is comfortable enough to sink into, but still aesthetically beautiful.

Oversized chairs and couches are perfect for lounging with a good book by yourself or hosting a few friends on the weekend. Also, oversized seating isn't just for spacious homes, like commonly believed. These big chairs and sofas can be used in smaller spaces such as a city loft just as easily!

In addition to comfort and versatility, choosing oversized pieces can be an easy way to give your room a focal point. Whether you're laying out your oversized seating in a small space or a large space, let the furniture speak for itself. Try to keep the room clutter-free and use clean lines and simple color palettes to frame the seating.

Take a look at a few of our top picks for oversized and comfy seating.

1. Up 50 Armchair 

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture B&B Italia Up Armchair

The shape of this chair is unique and playful, making this an excellent statement piece that also offers indulgent comfort. The chair is now available in an assortment of colors, including orange-red, navy blue, petrol green, emerald green, and cardamom.

2. Le Bambole '07 Armchair

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture B&B Italia Le Bambole '07 ArmchairThis large chair was made with comfort in mind. Designer Mario Bellini wanted to reproduce “a living body, pleasant to touch and embrace, soft and safe."

3. Camaleonda Sofa

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture B&B Italia Camaleonda SofaThe Camaleonda is a contemporary classic. This sofa can be ordered and ordered and arranged to be as large as you want. By simply hooking and unhooking seats, backrests, and armrests, you can change the layout of these pieces. There is an infinite number of possible configurations. The padding has been thoroughly designed, making it incredibly comfortable.

4. Pouf Capitonne

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture DePadova Pouf CapitonneBig, oversized seating doesn't have to just be a chair or sofa. Big poufs or ottomans can give a space a bold personality and an extra comfy spot to perch. This piece is available in four sizes and is all about sleek, clean design, proportions, and functionality. A center seam underlines the geometric shape of the pouf, which is very versatile due to the wide range of upholstery options.

5. Fat-Sofa Armchair

JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture B&B Italia Fat-Sofa ArmchairThis chair is the perfect amount of style and comfort - an easy alternative to traditional wing-back chairs. Round, soft and sinuous shapes: this series of floor-standing seats without a metal base offers a new expression of comfort.

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