Chalice 48 UL - Suspension Lamp


Design: Edward van Vliet (2016)

Material: Chromed Metal Sphere with white rings or Metallic grey with black rings, Bakelite rings, semi-transparent copper or silver plating.

The crystal beauty of the Chalice lamp is enhanced by a soft metallic-grey body with black rings at the base of each translucent silver glass chalice. The result is a new bouquet of light, available in two sizes.

Input voltage: 120VAC

Power consumption: MAX 32W
Color temperature: 2700K / CRI 85
Dimmable: Mains dimmable, see website for dimming advice.
Luminous flux (Lumen, lm): 900 lm
Light source: LED
Cable length: 13,12 ft
Cable color: transparent
Canopy: Steel pebble RVS Look

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