Alberese - Sofa

Alberese - Sofa

Design: Piero Lissoni (2020)

Proportioned, linear and flexible. Alberese Sofa is the latest modular project by Piero Lissoni for a welcoming, personal and contemporary living space. The collection of upholstered furniture has angled armrests for relaxing, reading and spending time together. All the elements of the system — single and corner units but also a chaise longue and pouf — have deep seating and can be used to create different solutions perfect for everyday stories, big and small.

Alberese is a sofa born from many reflections and then frozen in its essence. It has large cushions, it’s comfortable and elegant at the same time. The name Alberese comes from a very streamlined land, large and with very visible horizons just like the sofa: a sofa that can be seen, but at the same time very low with great comforts and very special angles, at the confluence of design and architecture.” – Piero Lissoni

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