Himalayan Skin - Rug

Himalayan Skin - Rug

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Design: Deanna Comellini. 

Collection: UltraNatural. 

Wild, Hand spun Himalayan nettle/ hand spun jute; 6mm (nettle)/ 10mm (jute).

The Himalayan Skin rug is hand-knotted using the ancient Sumak technique, featuring a uniquely elegant woven pattern that combines the charm of natural fibers with the motifs of nomadic tradition reinterpreted by Deanna Comellini for GT Design.

This hand knotted rug is extremely durable and refined. Available in two versions. Himalayan Skin Nettle, a wild plant that grows on the slopes of the Himalayas. The ultimate vegan rug whose untreated yarns have the tones of the seasons and nature. Himalayan Skin Jute made of high quality jute fiber, in which the modern designs blend with the color palette of the earths. In both versions it can be custom-made in different sizes up to a maximum of 5 m (16”4’ ft) wide and 8 m (26’ 2.9” ft) long.

Himalayan Skin is ideal for all residential projects where a unique and natural rug is desired. Choosing a Himalayan Skin rug brings to the room a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Maintenance: Vacuum cleaner on a low setting, taking care of the edges. Professional Cleaning Recommended. 

Custom Sizes.


  • Per sq. meter max width 500 cm | 16’8” ft, max length 800 cm | 26’3” ft: $1,415 USD
  • Per sq. meter oversize: $1,600 USD


  • Per Sq. meter max width 500 cm | 16’8” ftmax length 800 cm | 26’3” ft: $735 USD
  • Per sq. meter oversize: $790 USD
  • Available in round shape

Custom sizing and color is possible, and we are happy to build you a quote for any custom rug. Please contact us by phone 888.818.8382 or email hello@jangeorge.com

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