Wood Bikini Chair

Design: Werner Aisslinger

Fashionable nonsense

Shading is an unusual choice for design projects because it blurs outlines and tricks our perceptions of size, weight and proportions. Wood Bikini seems to have survived some event which has left its trace on its surface: the wood becomes colored, saturates, whitens, is this a creative act or a reaction to external agents? The answer is hidden by the eclectic rigor of the designer who, by playing with the decorative nature of surface colors, gives a certain fashionable nonsense to this modular system.

Frame is varnished ash wood (code 02A); seat and back upholstered in flame-retardant polyurethane foam in varied densities (code 02C) or upholstered seat only (code 02G); on plastic glides. Wood Bikini covers are not removable.

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