VVD Pottery 30x5cm with 2cm Chambolle Stone Lid (3052)


Design: Vincent van Duysen

This collection of pots launched in 2004 is an exercise in restrained theme and variation. Although each piece can be experienced in isolation, the collection is conceived as an entity, the differences of scale and color creating powerful rhythms and modulations expressed in a subtle but intense palette of a northern European sky.

Each piece was initially composed of two elements: an earthenware container and a wooden plate. While the angle of the curve and the smooth profile of each pot are fixed, the diameter and height of the vessels vary, these shifts in scale determining whether the container framed is a bowl or a platter. The thickness of the wooden plate, which serves as both cover and plinth, is also variable.

Serene and sober, these pots have the abstract quality of the archetypal, but they have been pulled from abstraction into the world of physical forms, into things you want to touch and to hold, a certain material roughness is critical to their character – the slight irregularities in the surface of the clay and the soft, weathered grain of the wood.

In recent years the collection has been extended to new materials like transparent and tinted glass, different types of stones and wood.

In 2017 an according tableware collection has been presented consisting of plates, bowls, glasses, cups, carafes, and serving trays. Also new colors have been defined for the ceramic.

Note: Some images might not represent the actual color, size or lid combination.

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