Stairs Lino - Rug


Thanks to its natural sheen, this fiber is perfect for creating carpets with elegant shading.

Linen fibers entwine and give rise to regular structures alternated with sections in bas relief. The geometric patterns create an alternation of light and shadows, emphasizing the silky appearance of the material and its energetic color palette.

The use of sustainable materials that have a low environmental impact, such as linen and bamboo fibers, has always characterized the pieces produced by G.T.Design, in full respect of man and the environment. Yarns made by bamboo fiber are extremely soft to touch and extraordinarily hard-wearing. Handwoven on artisan looms, available in three colors, they can be made-to-measure in any shape up to a width of 137.8in | 350 cm.

Custom Sizes.
Per sq. meter: $920 USD
Oversize 12 sq. m | 129 sq. ft. + $980 USD 

Custom sizing is possible, and we are happy to build you a quote for any custom size. Please contact us by phone 888.818.8382 or email

Material: Linen.

Structure: Hand woven on traditional looms.

Backing: We advise using an anti-slip undermat.

Dimension: Variations of +/- 3% are to be considered the norm.

Maintenance: Vacuum cleaner on a low setting taking care on the edges.

Washing: Professional cleaning recommended.

Thickness: 11mm.

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