Passo Doppio - Rug

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A well-balanced presence, a chromatic and tactile internal that has been inserted between the weaves.

Passo Doppio is a ‘long rug” with spatial development that is joined by a well-balanced presence, a chromatic and tactile interval that has been inserted between the weaves. The alternation of the two materials interact, they define the steps, indicating a measurement of time and rhythm that accompanies the space it was designed for. Passo Doppio is also available in large dimensions, up to the maximum loom width of 5 meters.

Available in two basic colors, it can be personalized with a suggestive color palette of the cylinders in wool felt, making the rug unique and unrepeatable. The position and the number of the felt cylinders are unrestricted and defined at the discretion of the designer.

Custom Sizes.
Per sq. meter: $810 USD
Oversize 12 sq. m | 129 sq. ft. + $850 USD

Custom sizing is possible, and we are happy to build you a quote for any custom size. Please contact us by phone 888.818.8382 or email

Material: High performance technical yarn, anti-bacterial, an-allergic, anti-static, resistant to fungi and mould. 

Structure: Hand woven.

Backing: We advise using an anti-slip undermat.

Dimension: Variations of +/- 3% are to be considered the norm.

Maintenance: Vacuum cleaner on a low setting taking care on the edges.

Washing: Professional cleaning recommended.

Thickness: 8 mm.

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