Las 376 - Floor lamp


Design: Mist-o (2015)

Dimensions: 13.3x19.7x69.7in | 34x50x177cm (WxDxH)

3x Max 18W (LED)

Its modern and graphical aluminum structure and sharp lasered profile underline a careful design and analysis, developing in horizontal and vertical lines. The three lighting solutions conceal an LED source and define its profile with a regular and insistent rhythm: two light sources point upwards to create diffused light, and one points downwards, which is ideal for reading.

LAS has a great expressive as well as functional power and it perfectly represents Oluce’s philosophy to wed technological innovation with refined aesthetics: a “new classic” that can slot into a room like a piece of furniture with its own personality. The lamp by Misto-o is a sculptural presence modeled from metal paying homage to the great early-twentieth-century constructions such as that portrayed in the famous photo Lunch Atop a Skyscraper, of which LAS is the acronym. The emblem of an era constantly suspended towards the future.

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