Oh, it rains! Armchair

Oh, it rains! Armchair

Design: Philippe Starck (2020)

The very first collaboration between B&B Italia and Philippe Starck leads to the birth of a sofa and an armchair, both with impressive dimensions and a highly scenographic presence, that surprisingly combine an unusual shape and an unexpected function, with a name that really attracts attention. Oh, it rains! is a piece of considerable impact, destined to last over time and to be talked about, but also to be used in the most unexpected ways and contexts. Philippe Starck started his research for this project by going back to the origins of outdoor furniture, that of nomads and soldiers: desert tents and field equipment, colonial colors and very light materials, essential shapes with functions connected with rapid action. We notice Oh, it rains! right away for its large backrest. It isn’t a simple decorative element, though. It acts like a wall or a partition to create an intimate and private setting, and, when necessary, it folds down on top of the seat and - voilà - the seat and cushions are covered and protected. Colors and materials go hand in hand with the initial concept and the collection introduces colonial shades and raffia-effect waterproof fabrics. The backrest is proposed as a surface to be personalized through the choice and combination of fabrics. The collection is enhanced by optional cushions that guarantee extra comfort and a dynamic look to this large object, suitable for private settings and also for outdoor areas in hotels and lounge.

From a technical standpoint, the backrest is made with a double layer of water-repellent fabric, which makes it 100% waterproof. For this reason Oh, it rains! can be covered with any type of outdoor fabric present in the B&B Italia collection. It is also possible to choose the version with a side table integrated into the structure, available in natural teak wood or Mediterranean stone.

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