Non Random D48 - Suspension Lamp

Cable Length:

Design: Bertjan Pot (2007)

Material: Fiberglass soaked in epoxy resin, powder-coated aluminum cap, reflector: shiny anodized aluminum.

Old ladies call them neatly coiled balls of yarn, Kids talk about soap bubbles hanging from lightbulbs, Some say they are there to light up Arabian nights, Moooi says they’re Non Random Lights.

Input voltage: 110-127V ~ 50/60Hz 
Lampholder: 1 x E26
Light source: 60W MAX, light source not included 
Cable length: 13,12 ft
Cable color: Black
Canopy: Steel chrome

Cleaning Instructions
Due to the intricacy of the Random light it is advised to regularly use a feather duster to remove dust particles.

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