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Design: Jean-Marie Massaud (2016)

Total compositional freedom. A minimal suspended frame conceived to be combined with a wide range of accessories: from different-sized cushions to a selection of armrests and backrests, also available in wood and fitted with shelves. Mondrian is the new proposal by Poliform for total comfort in the contemporary living area. A sofa system with a light and sophisticated vibe, Mondrian is open to free stylistic interpretation thanks to the selection of coverings and finishings available in the collection.

Technical features

flexible polyurethane

Structure Pre-Cover:
Polyester padding

Seat Cushion:
Flexible multi-density moulded polyurethane

Seat Pre-Cover:
Cotton cloth and feather with parts in polyester padding

Backrest Cushion with Roll Cushion:
Flexible multi-density moulded polyurethane

Backrest Cushion Pre-Cover with Roll Cushion:
Parts in cotton cloth with feathers inside parts in polyester padding

Cushions Kit:
Pair of cushions that can be used as an alternative to the backrest roll cushion (up to nominal width 35.5in | 90cm
Kit Composed of:
- Cushion 21.7x21.7in | 55x55cm
 has parts in cotton cloth and feathers with bearing structure in flexible moulded polyurethane.
- Cushion 19.7x19.7in | 50x50cm
 has parts in cotton cloth and feather

Flexible moulded polyurethane
Structure in metal covered in hide colors

Headrest Pre-Cover:
Polyester padding

Final Covers:
Stretched, removable in fabric and leather

In die-cast painted aluminium

Wooden coffee tables and wooden backrests with shelf: panels in wood and by-products, veneered.

Seamless sofa, to be freely composed.

Many of our products come in additional finishes and sizes. For questions, finish options and custom orders, please contact or call or text 631.899.4848 during business hours to speak with our team for advice and consultation.

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