Meshmatics Chandelier


Design: Rick Tegelaar (2017)

Size: 35.4x31.5" | 90x80cm (ØxH) | see diagram.

Whoever sets eyes on the Meshmatics Chandelier will never guess what hides behind its sophisticated exterior… Inspired, Rick Tegelaar elevates the nature of humble wire netting by developing a machine and set of tools to model it with accuracy. The full potential of this thin and flexible material is then stretched and captured within three layers of beauty. The clever wire mesh structure reflects and diffuses the light of the integrated LED with poetic grace, contributing to keep the light source cool by absorbing some of its heat.

The Meshmatics Chandelier reveals the full potential of wire netting, which is ingeniously stretched and molded into three layers. Its wire mesh structure reflects and diffuses light.

Rick developed a machine and a set of tools that enable him to form chicken wire very controlled and accurately. By stretching the material over a mold it shrinks itself to the form and takes its shape. The tension that comes into the material from stretching stays captured to form a very efficient structure. The material is now shown with a completely new perspective with new possibilities.

The wire mesh acts as a reflector to distribute the light from the integrated LED in an elegant way. This results in changing transparencies due to the different tiers of the chandelier. In this way, the light is captured to form a very visual yet transparent display.

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