Lu-Lu 211 - Table Lamp


Design: Stefano Casciani (1996)

Dimensions: 5.5x23.6in | 45x60cm (WxH)

Material: Opal Glass

1x Max 75W (E26) + 1x Max 40W (E26)

A theoretical lamp, endowed with just the right measure of geometric abstraction required by an object to maintain its courtliness. The geometries chosen by Stefano Casciani are primitive, ancient ones occasionally filtered perhaps, through cubist suggestion. The color (even white here is color) constitutes a necessary and consequent datum: marking the volume, emphasizing the profile. The simplification of form, in reality, protect a core which is complex form the manufacturing point of view (a double mold for blowing the glasses) and from that of the lighting engineering (with differentiated optics such as switches and the sensorial, grazing, dimmer).

In the table version, a slight gap lifts the glass off the top and projects a sharp, circular shadow: a detail not to be underrated.

Lu-Lu can be desired, be left completely off and hence textural, or on and thus dissolved, but also lit only in its upper half (the light resting on the heavy) or in its lower half (the heavy resting on the light).

Murano glass diffuser. Brushed metal base. Double lighting with dimmer.

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