Lens 151 AB - Wall Lamp


Design: Francesco Rota (2013)

Dimensions: 16.5x6.3in | 41x16cm (WxH)

Material: Anodic Bronze.

1x Max 120W (R7s.15).

Lens by Francesco Rota was inspired by contemporary sculpture, playing with the curved surfaces to create an interesting interplay of light and mirrors. In fact, Lens is a direct light wall lamp with a concave screen that creates a barrier between the light source and the surrounding area.

Available in a chrome-plated or copper version, this project has a notable decorative value, however behind which the use of the LED light source is concealed – an innovative, technological heart – capable of guaranteeing an energy-saving exceeding 80% compared to the traditional version.

Technical Data: Wall lamp giving up & down direct light. Pressed and curved metal structure chrome-plated or glossy copper finish wall base and screen. Dimmable in both versions with appropriate dimmer.

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