Knitted - Rug


Design: Nani Marquina + Ariadna Miguel

Fiber 100% Handspun Jute
Technique Hand-knotted
Type Sumak
Density 50,000 knots/m2
Total height 8 mm
Weight 2.30 kg/m2

Due to the nature of vegetable fibers, tone and the absorption of dye can vary slightly within the same rug. In addition, prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight can produce discoloration and a fading effect.

Not recommended for high intensive use of a castor chair.

The hand-woven Knitted rug pays a simple tribute to texture with its braided surface created with the Soumak technique. Made with jute fibers, this is a fresh and rustic rug, soft and resistant. An appeal to the senses, a welcome return to the basics in life.

Custom Sizes.

Per sq. ft. 14 weeks: $60
Per sq. meter 14 weeks: $645
Per sq. ft. 11 weeks: $72
Per sq. meter 11 weeks: $774

Custom sizing is possible, and we are happy to build you a quote for any custom size. Please contact us by phone at 888.818.8382 or email

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