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Design: Antonio Citterio (2012)

The J.J. family presents armchairs with a different look and a wide variety of materials: with a steel-rod structure supporting a wooden frame, they convey a certain degree of lightness. Entirely made of thermo-treated ash wood, they hint at traditional aesthetics. Details are carefully studied for every armchair as the polypropylene ribbons that design the backrest. There is also an armchair fitted with a sleigh, the expression of the traditional rocking chair that becomes glamorous when it is attired in long haired Mongolian lamb fur.

Technical information

solid wood


shaped polyurethane

Armrests (PJ85FN-PJ99FN-PJ99DN)
leather, steel sheet

Headrest (PJP)
polyester fibre, cotton cover, steel sheet counterweight

Support frame (PJ85FN-PJ99FN-PJ99DN)
drawn steel

Support frame (PJ85LN-PJ99LN)
solid wood

Sledge legs (PJ99DN)
solid wood

thermoplastic material


leather and Mongolian lamb fur


Many of our products come in additional finishes and sizes. For questions, finish options and custom orders, please contact online@jangeorge.com or call or text 631.899.4848 during business hours to speak with our team for advice and consultation.

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