J.J. Armchair

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Design: Antonio Citterio (2012)

The J.J. family presents armchairs with a different look and a wide variety of materials: with a steel-rod structure supporting a wooden frame, they convey a certain degree of lightness. Entirely made of thermo-treated ash wood, they hint at traditional aesthetics. Details are carefully studied for every armchair as the polypropylene ribbons that design the backrest. There is also an armchair fitted with a sleigh, the expression of the traditional rocking chair that becomes glamorous when it is attired in long haired Mongolian lamb fur.

Shell: Solid wood.

Webbing: Polypropylene.

Upholstery: Shaped polyurethane.

Armrests (PJ85FN-PJ99FN-PJ99DN): Leather, steel sheet.

Headrest (PJP): Polyester fiber, cotton cover, steel sheet counterweight.

Support frame (PJ85FN-PJ99FN-PJ99DN): Drawn steel.

Support frame (PJ85LN-PJ99LN): Solid wood.

Sledge legs (PJ99DN): Solid wood.

Ferrules: Thermoplastic material.

Cover: Leather.

Cover (PJ99FAN-PJ99LAN-PJ99DAN): Leather and Mongolian lamb fur.

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