In-Touch - Rug


Feeling its special fabric between fingers is a unique tactile experience.

An incomparable sensation of exceptional softness. The sense of touch but also the chance to select the color that will fulfill your desire, redefining shapes and dimensions above and beyond the ordinary. In-Touch meets the most creative and extreme requirements. It may be an area rug or a wall-to-wall floor covering system.

The rugs are produced in Tencel, one of the most eco-compatible fibers on the market at present. It originates from easily renewable sources, and through a production process with a low environmental impact, the resulting cellulose-derived fibers are soft, light, transpiring, and biodegradable.

Custom Sizes.
Per sq. meter: $790 USD
Oversize 12 sq. m | 129 sq. ft. + $800 USD 
Per sq. meter matching border $770

Custom sizing is possible, and we are happy to build you a quote for any custom size. Please contact us by phone 888.818.8382 or email

Material: Tencel.

Structure: Hand tufted.

Backing: We advise using an anti-slip undermat.

Dimension: Variations of +/- 3% are to be considered the norm. 

Maintenance: Vacuum cleaner on a low setting taking care on the edges.

Washing: Professional cleaning recommended. 

Thickness: 16 mm.

Flame resistance: Cfl-S1 (on request).

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