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Husk - Small Swivel Armchair with Painted Frame (P1GN)

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Fabric Category:

Fabric Category

Design: Patricia Urquiola

Those who look at a sofa must visually perceive a sense of both mental and physical comfort.” Patricia Urquiola has conveyed this concept to the armchair Husk by designing a stiff body made of Hirek ® that contains a soft cushion divided into portions, which seem to underscore its ergonomic profile. It is endowed with an original spirit that merges with various styles. Three cushion types: standard, which is large and enveloping, or headrest. With our without an ottoman as a footrest.


high-density polyurethane resin (Baydur®)

Shell cover (P1FCN-P1GCN-P2FC-P3FC-P4GC)
thick leather

polyester fiber, needle polyester fiber section

Support frame 
die-cast aluminum

Support frame (P2F-P2FC) 
solid wood

Wheels (P3F-P3FC) 
plastic material for soft or hard surfaces

plastic material

fabric or leather

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