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Conceived for complex architectural projects, Fluid is a hand-tufted rug made in a wool and nylon blend suitable for many environments, from residential developments to commercial spaces, to interior design projects for the hospitality industry.

The high-performance yarns are woven using a handmade technique that allows to customize the textures with inlay designs, and bouclé and cut pile finishes resulting in one-of-kind pieces. This new form of craftsmanship conceived by Deanna Comellini, G.T.DESIGN Creative Director, is applied to design in relief patterns while keeping an elegant and understated composition of the rug.

In addition, the Fluid collection features a vast range of personalization by client request, including oversize rugs (more than 9mt. width), thickness variations, finishes, and bespoke colors.

Bringing a revolutionary approach for large size rugs and wall-to-wall flooring, updated to precious elements of high-level craftsmanship, the collection was selected to be included in exclusive projects by top international architectural firms such as Zada Hadid and Gensler.

Custom Sizes.
Per sq. meter: $880 USD
Overside 12 sq. m | 129 sq. ft. + $950 USD

Custom sizing is possible, and we are happy to build you a quote for any custom size. Please contact us by phone 888.818.8382 or email contact@jangeorge.com

Material: Wool and nylon.

Structure: Hand tufted - hand carved.

Backing: Action back / cotton backing.

Dimension: Variations of +/- 3% are to be considered the norm.

Maintenance: Daily with vacuum cleaner - periodic with shampoo.

Washing: Professional cleaning recommended.

Thickness: 6 mm (loop pile) / 10 mm (cut pile).

Flame Resistance: Bfl-S1 - ASTM E648 - ASTM 662 (on request). 

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