Fiore 423 - Suspension Lamp


Design: Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli (2007)

Dimensions: 18.1x5.1in | 46x13cm (WxH). Cable length: 114.7in | 290cm.

Material: Transparent Glass.

7x Max 40W (E12).

This project is characterized by a deliberate hark back to the 1970s: the lamp becomes a flower, the most classic of flowers with a center and petals radiating around it. Perhaps it is a daisy, barely outlined in the abstract sharpness of the metal and the glass, but poetically evoked by the shadow that is projected on the wall or ceiling. It is a flower in the contemporary razzle-dazzle of flowers which is not created by the décor but by its structure. A flower that is a symbol and a metaphor: “deck the walls of your homes with flowers!” - Marco Romanelli

Technical Data: Suspension lamp in transparent blown glass giving direct and diffused light. Chromium-plated metal structure with 7 lights.

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