Emperor - Suspension Lamp


Design: Neri & Hu (2009)

Material: Bamboo rattan cage, aluminum frame and glass diffuser.

Once upon a time an Asian emperor received as a gift a nightingale. The charming bird sang so beautifully that the emperor always wanted it by his side. He placed the nightingale a majestic hand woven bamboo cage in the imperial chambers and listened, enchanted, to the magic sound...

Additional: Each cage is woven by hand and therefore has a unique character.

Small lampholder: 1 x E26 Light source: 60W MAX, light source not included
Cable Length: 13,12 ft

Medium lampholder: 1 x GU24 Light source: 26W MAX, light source not included
Cable Length: 13,12 ft

Large lampholder: 4x 2G11 Light source: 36W MAX, light source not included

Cable color: Textile black 

Canopy: Steel chrome 

Cleaning Instructions
Can be effectively cleaned using a regular household dust cloth or feather duster. Lightly dust in between each component when the lamps are not in use. We recommend always reading the label of any cleaning products you wish to use on or near any item from the collection.

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