Daphine LED - Table Lamp

Color Tone of Light:

Design: Tommaso Cimini.

Dimmable + 2 step switch settable on lamp.

Daphine is a timeless synthesis of function and form: an articulated arm, with a pivoting diffuser, mounted on a transformer. Comes with LED light source, identical to the Classic Daphine in shape and in movement, but with a more powerful light source and lower consumptions.

Table lamp in metal with an articulated arm and a diffuser pivoting on 360°. The base of cast iron always comes black varnished. Two step switch or dimmer. Daphine is displayed in some of the most famous Museums of Modern Art and Design in the World.

Special order options: 9W LED 2700K.

Source Power: 9W.

Power Absorption: 10W.

Stand-by Absorption: < 1 W.

Grid Voltage:100–240V AC/50-60 Hz. 

Power Supply: Multiplug AC-DC converter provided. 

Dimmability: Internal push dimmer – 2 ways dimming.

Energy Class: A++

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