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Chillida, Gravitación 1994 Hand Knotted - Rug

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Design: Eduardo Chillida

Fiber 57% New Zealand wool + 43% Silk
Technique Hand knotted
Type Indo Nepal
Density 124,000 knots/m2
Pile height 5-10 mm
Total height 10-15 mm
Weight 3.50 kg/m2

"Art is linked to what hasn’t been done yet, to what has not been created yet. It is something outside of you, in the future, something to search for.” Eduardo Chillida

The artwork of Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002) represents one of the greatest artistic accomplishments of the late 20th century.

To pay homage to the artist, the Chillida collection was created based on a chronological selection of his work: Figura Humana - 1948, Dibujo Tinta - 1957, and Collage - 1966, pieces that reflect the gestation process of his renown sculpture: Peine del Viento located in San Sebastián. The collection also includes two depictions of his famous hands: Mano and Manos from the ‘90s, and Gravitación from 1993 and 1994.

Chillida’s artistic nuances have been faithfully translated into rugs, all handmade using various techniques and fibres, such as wool, silk, and hand-spun mohair, to create different textures, showcasing the essence of his work.

Custom Sizes.

Per sq. ft. 15 weeks: $214
Per sq. meter 15 weeks: $2305
Per sq. ft. 12 weeks: $257
Per sq. meter 12 weeks: $2766

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