Canasta '13 Small Table

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Design: Patricia Urquiola (2013)

The cement colored porcelain stoneware-finished top of the Canasta ’13 dining table is now available for the service elements of the same family.

Frame (PCNC60-PCNC80-PCNC110): Aluminum.

Frame finish (PCNC60-PCNC80-PCNC110): Tortora polyester powder painting.

Interlacing (PCNC60-PCNC80-PCNC110): Tortora polyethylene.

Tray (PCNC60-PCNC80-PCNC110): White or black painted steel sheet.

Top (TCNC3-TCNC4): Cement porcelain stoneware.

Frame (TCNC3-TCNC4): White or black painted steel.

Ferrules: Thermoplastic material.

Cover cloth: Polyester on synthetic support.

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