Athos '12 Table

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Design: Paolo Piva (2012)

Athos ’12 has two lengths, both in the fixed and extendable version, that can seat up to twelve people by exploiting a concealed mechanism. The V-shaped metal frame supports a thick top that is softened by rounded edges created with a complex milling procedure that maintains a uniform grain on the entire surface. In addition to this recent solution, a version of Athos is also available with the original features that were essential to its creation and which has made it a bestseller among tables: structural frames that highlight the ends of the tabletops, joined by a crosspiece at floor level. However, both models are equipped with a system for lengthening the tabletop.

Top: Wood particles panel with parts in solid wood.

Top finish: Satin painted or veneered: grey oak, brushed light oak, brushed black oak or smoked oak.

Support frame: Bronzed nickel painted, bright chromed or black chromed drawn steel.

Fixed tables frame: Painted steel sheet.

Extensible tables frame: Anodized aluminum extrusions, plastic material tools.

Ferrules: Thermoplastic material.

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