Agnoli 387 - Floor Lamp


Design: Tito Agnoli (1954)

Dimensions: 6.7x74in | 17x190cm (WxH)

Color: Nickel Plated

1x Max 48W (G9)

Oluce started out in 1945, founded by Giuseppe Ostuni: the 387 model, always know simply as “Agnoli” after its designer is, therefore, the oldest item currently in the catalog. An absolute forerunner of minimalism, the Agnoli model takes the extraordinary “Cornalux” or “hammerhead” bulb, capable of directing the light in a highly precise manner, mounting it onto a sliding tube on a stem. Sophisticated thick travertine base: another element in which simplicity and functionality are transformed into poetry.

Technical Data: 
Floor lamp giving direct light, Travertino marble base, stem, and height-adjustable reflector mat nickel-plated.

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