Persian Colors - Rugs


Design: Nani Marquina

Fiber 100% Hand spun Afghan wool
Technique Hand knotted
Type Persian knot
Density 38,750 knots/m2
Pile height 10 mm
Total height 13 mm
Weight 2.90 kg/m2

Due to the irregularity of the hand spun afghan wool yarn, during the dyeing process, the yarn can get different color shades.

Persian Colors  explores the properties of natural fibers. The carpets are chromatically composed of tonalities from the natural environment: pollen, moss, scarlet and charcoal.

Tradition and craftsmanship are the primary inspiration of this collection of flexible, soft and bright rugs that are also simple and plain. Persian Colors rugs are knitted with Persian knot and hand-spun Afghan wool through a laborious manual process that enriches the fabric providing a texture of extreme softness. Each thread, each knot, transports us to the universe and the origin of rugs.

The Persian knot is an essential element of Persian art and culture. Its origin comes from the nomadic tribes of Persia, where carpets were a necessary asset of the people to protect themselves from the winter and, often, marked the limits of their houses in the desert.

Craftsmanship and millenary Persian weaving tradition are undoubtedly the basis of this collection, claiming to return to the basics and enjoy the small details of life. Because the collection is handspun, the colors of the rugs are irregular and transfer the value of manual and ancestral techniques.

Custom Sizes.

Per sq. ft. 14 weeks: $89
Per sq. meter 14 weeks: $960
Per sq. ft. 11 weeks: $107
Per sq. meter 11 weeks: $1152

Custom sizing is possible, and we are happy to build you a quote for any custom size. Please contact us by phone at 888.818.8382 or email

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