Allure O' - Dining Table

Allure O' - Dining Table

Design: Monica Armani (2021)

The Allure O’ table is presented as a heartfelt tribute to glamour interpreted in contemporary style. The graceful force of its design is clearly seen in the shape of the top and the balance between the control of straight lines and the sinuosity of curves. In an interplay of elliptical geometric shapes that recall the Madison mirror, designed by Monica Armani in 2017, this piece renews the reference of the shape of Jackie O’s iconic eyeglasses.

Allure O’ is available with a square or rectangular top, both with bevelled edges, and each comes in two sizes to seat four, six, or even eight people. The section of the truncated pyramid base replicates the rigorous balance of the top with delicate proportions to create a level of harmony that can guarantee structural and visual stability.

The finishes underscore the sophisticated elegance of the inspiring concept behind it. These pieces are available in glossy and matte painted finishes in many colours, and also in light and black oak wood. The top and base can also be finished in combinations of different colours. Furthermore, the table can be enhanced with an upper marble top or with sophisticated glossy black glass.

Flair O' dining chair is also available. 

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