Parallel Structure Dining Table

Parallel Structure Dining Table

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Design: Michael Anasrassiades

Two imposing aluminum bars joined by two side supports is the concept for the first table designed by Michael Anastassiades for B&B Italia. A basic structure with a minimal and essential vision – a concept that becomes an object. The search for extreme simplicity is often accompanied by the need to find cutting-edge technical solutions, and Parallel Structure is the perfect example. To respect the project’s purity, great attention was paid to the detailing of the joins, the relationship between cleanliness of form and structural elements and the combination of different materials.

The legs are in solid wood, while the side supports - architraves connecting the colored aluminum bars - hide a metal core, necessary to provide solidity and greater visual lightness to the structure. The collection includes two sizes and tops in different materials: Canaletto walnut and four variants of oak - light, grey, black and smoked - for a choice that favors minimal aesthetics or glass, which enhances the beauty of the engineering process through transparency.

This table creates a pure and monolithic presence, where apparent simplicity erases all that is superfluous. Starting from its name, Parallel Structure is a product that naturally brings an architectural approach to the design world.

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