Tobi-Ishi, Round table T160M

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The table that became a sculpture.

Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby first project for B&B Italia was Tobi-Ishi, a round dining table clearly inspired by Zen. The design duo are great enthusiasts of Japanese art and culture and the name and concept for this table came from the smooth stones (tobi-ishi) used as ornaments in traditional Japanese Zen gardens. The overhang of the table and the vertical trapezoidal bases set at right angles generate an essential sculptural figure that appears to change shape depending on the point of observation. The search for equilibrium between shapes and materials is expressed in the Tobi-Ishi table through the many materials: cement grout, lacquered finish, marble, and oak for the low table.

The name refers to the ornamental stones in Japanese gardens, which have inspired the components of Tobi-Ishi. It converges both functional features and a statuesque appearance with amazing results. The overhanging top and bases look different depending on the viewpoint, while the various finishes endow the table with highly personal interpretations: from cement to marble and lacquer in the sophisticated hues of red candy and blue smoke. Originally round in shape, it is now presented in larger version with a rectangular top tapered at the ends, the range of finishes is also expanded with 16 satin lacquered finishes, for both the round and the new rectangular version, joining the two glossy lacquered finishes Candy Red and Smoke Blue and the original cement finish.

JANGEORGe Interior Design, Tobi-Ishi Table T160M Dimensions.

Technical information

MDF wood fibre panel

high density polyurethane resin (Baydur®)

black-coloured cement grout, satin painted, candy red or smoke blue glossy painted

Adjustable ferrules:
plastic material

cast iron

Top and legs (T160M):
Carrara white marble "venatino statuarietto" (matt polyester finish) or Marquinia black marble (glossy polyester finish)

Coupling plate (T160M):
satin stainless steel

Ferrules (T160M):

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