SZ 01 Easy chair in rattan


Dimensions: 23.6x25.6x29.1x20.8x16.1in (WxDxHxArmHxSeatH)

The easy chair SZ 01 covered with natural rattan was designed by Martin Visser in 1960. The frames are made of matt chrome-plated metal. Since 2016 the frame is also available in black powdercoating. Due to more and more problems with buying a good quality of rattan, this material was replaced by artificial rattan in the mid 80’s. This also made it possible to offer more colours of (artificial) rattan. However the demand for natural rattan always remained existing.

Due to technical problems in production, Spectrum stopped weaving with this artificial rattan in 2009, and started looking for a possibility to bring back the original design, so with real rattan, again. Of course good quality of the material is a basic principle here.

This worked out and during the Furniture Fair in Cologne in January 2011 the first items with rattan were shown again. The warm range of colours, in combination with the feel and sound of the real rattan, give these classic pieces a rich charisma!

Nowadays (since the end of the nineties) all arm chairs from Martin Visser, designed around 1960, have a different seat height compared to the original design. In general the average length of people is taller than 45 years ago, which made it ergonomically unjustified to maintain the old seat height. The seat is raised with 3 cm, which makes it 41 cm. high.

This easy chair is also available with saddle leather (SZ 02) or in an upholstered version (SZ 03)

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