Sway Vessel Glass Object


Sway Vessel Glass Object

The SkLO sway bowls are asymmetrical organic bowls with amazing depth of color executed in extremely thick Czech glass.  Two complimentary glass colors are used in each piece to create an amazing and rich color effect.  The SkLO sway is a timeless design that works within a large range of styles and interiors.  The sway low bowl is wider and more shallow; the sway high bowl is taller and narrower; the sway long bowl is an irregular oval.  Organically shaped, no two are exactly alike.

Available in three shapes
Available in six colors
All glass dimensions are approximate - hand blown glass dimensions vary by nature and intent
Hand blown in the Czech Republic

sway bowl  low bowl   
approximately 13”Dia x 4”H (33x10cm)

sway bowl  high bowl   
approximately 10”Dia x 5.5”H (25x14cm)

sway bowl  long bowl   
approximately   20”L x 9”W x 5”H (51x23x13cm)

available in: blue, gray, lagoon, olivin, pink, white

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