Specchio Mirror


Design: E.Garbin - M. Dell’Orto (1999)

Structure: Anodized aluminum, MDF back panel.

Mirror: Silver.

This collection is completely made in Italy, from the design to the creativity, from the style to the finished product. In full respect of the environment, the entire production process is carried out by highly skilled craftsmen. Eventual imperfections are due to hand-crafting, which makes every piece unique.

Coating: Polyurethane (for lacquer); acrylic (for woods).

Essence: Class E1 low formaldehyde content.

Warning: Before starting any product assembly, identify all the component parts using the attached documentation. To prevent losing the smaller component parts, do not throw the packaging away before completing product assembly. Casamilano reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without this however affecting the general quality of the articles. Casamilano disclaims all liability for any injury to persons or damage to things caused by bad installation, negligent maintenance or improper use not in conformity with that intended and for which the product was designed. Any faults must be promptly notified to the manufacturer.

Intended use: Do not drag. Do not stand on it. Do not overload it. Seat in the correct position (not on arms, backs) Do not leave in very damp environments (mildew hazard). The product could suffer color changes if exposed to direct sunlight. Do not expose to atmospheric agents. Do not place the product in direct contact or close to heat sources as this could cause ungluing or product deformation. Any liquids poured on the product must be immediately dried off.

Maintenance: Metal-Mirror: use a soft cloth, water moistened, and dry Wood-lacquer: Avoid using products containing solvents, alcohol, thinners, acetone or abrasive products. We advise using a soft damp cloth and then drying, following the direction of the wood grains. Fabrics : dry clean. Leather: use a soft cloth, water moistened, and dry

Disposal: Do not discard in the environment. Always dispose of wastes through authorized channels (product + packaging).

This card complies with Italian law decree 206/2005 "Consumer Code. .Made in Italy – Certification.

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