Sherazade - Sliding System

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Design: Piero Lissoni

The sliding system is composed by an adjustable one-way or more-ways rail, contained in an aluminium beam, fixed whether on the wall or on the ceiling , recessed into the drywall or hanging. Beam and rail are supplied custom-cut. The glass doors, produced in the single glass version Aladin Slide Mono, Sherazade Slide or double glass Aladin Slide Duo, aluminium frame available in four differ- ent aluminium finishing, are hanged on the rail thanks to carriages with fluid and silent sliding.

The closing of the doors, thanks to a soft motion placed at the end of the rail, is very soft and precise. Doors can be also blocked and used as fixed wall partitions. It is possible to assemble different handles with or without lock and different kinds of door-strikers profiles. The system has no guiding tracks.

Note: Doors are custom size. 

Many of our products come in additional finishes and sizes. For questions, finish options and custom orders, please contact or call or text 631.899.4848 during business hours to speak with our team for advice and consultation.

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