Sawaru - Directional and Dimmable LEF Floor Lamp with Temperature Control


Design: Nendo Oki Sato

A new geometric fixture designed by Japanese studio Nendo for FLOS is a sculptural piece that explores the concept of balance. Two independent cylinders, resting together at a perpendicular angle, provide a brilliant light source that shines up from the floor. Sawaru can be used to supplement other fixtures in a room to create a beautiful layered lighting effect. Ideal for drawing attention to a piece of art or interior feature and illuminating an under-lit corner or hallway, the lamp’s strong visual impact adds an artful, modern touch to a space.

Adjusting a pin in the extruded aluminum base moves the directionality of the light to three different angles—25, 40, and 60 degrees. Additionally, the two components can be separated and the body of the lamp installed directly on the floor without the base.

Sawaru is available in either a galvanized or painted finish and it comes in four colors: black, white, bright gold, or blue-gray. This is our first floor lamp with an advanced dimmer pedal on the power chord can control both light intensity and color temperature.

Many of our products come in additional finishes and sizes. For questions, finish options and custom orders, please contact or call or text 631.899.4848 during business hours to speak with our team for advice and consultation.

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