Ray Outdoor Natural, waterproof cover cloth (RF235F)



B&B Italia has extended its taste and elegance outdoors with the creation of a Outdoor fabric collection with a refined and light spirit. The fabrics are specially designed to offer freshness, breathability, and softness to the touch that are similar to fabrics made of natural fibre. Since it is stock-dyed, the yarn offers excellent colour resistance to UV rays, brine, chlorine, acids, suntan creams, sweat, stains and wear. The stabilisers added for outdoor use and the additives used for dying the yarn also prevent bacteria, mould and fungus from forming.

In order to ensure higher quality also to outdoor furniture and to counter the penetration of liquids even more effectively, the seams on the covers are stitched with a special thread which has been given a water-repellent finish that blocks the seepage of water and prevents it from being absorbed by the thread or penetrating through the fabric. Carefully tensioned stitching prevents the passage of water through the needle hole.

To launder the covers at home, follow the instructions represented by the care symbols attached to the product. Hang the fabric in the open air to dry.

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