SZ 02 Easy chair in saddle leather


Dimensions: 23.6x25.6x29.1x20.8x16.1in (WxDxHxArmHxSeatH)

The easy chair SZ 02 was designed by Martin Visser in 1960. The chair can be delivered in a natural or black saddle leather. In September 2010 an elegant dark brown was added.

Natural leather is a non coloured leather and will darken under the influence of light. It will be delivered in an almost pink tone and fade into a warm cognac tone. The time it will take to fade from a pink tone into a cognac tone will depend on the amount and the kind of light, but it will take at least several months.

Saddle leather will also stretch a little over time. Any marks on the leather should not be considered as faults. These merely confirm the authenticity and quality of saddle leather.

The leather seat has a lace at the bottom, which gives the possibility to tighten the seat after a while. The back of the chair has a buckle, so also the back can be tightened.

This easy chair is also available in an upholstered version (SZ 03).

The frames are made of matt chrome-plated metal. Since 2016 the frame is also available in black powdercoating.
In the late nineties the frame size was changed, by adding 3 cm. to the seat hight. Because nowadays people are much taller than in the early sixties, the old seat hight of 37 cm wasn’t very comfortable anymore. Now the seat is 40 cm. high.

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