Dish LL


Dish LL

Material: Walnut

Dimensions: 30x6cm | 12x2.3in (ØxH)

Bordering Sagami Bay to the south and Hakone to the west is a town called Odawara. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Odawara is renowned for its kamaboko fish cakes and traditional woodcrafts. Here too resides La Luz, a woodwork factory. Using the area's natural resources such as cut trees from forest maintenance and timber off-cuts La Luz is able to create timber products that
enhances their intrinsic properties while minimizing waste. By paying attention to the naturally elegant patterns of wood La Luz is able to produce beautifully crafted products. The brand is called 'Hikiyose' which means 'attract together' in Japanese. Just as kamaboko draws on the goodness of fish so does Hikiyose products attract wealth of beauty to your dining experience.

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