Cloon Keen - Eau de Parfum


Frosted Moon
Evocative of the ethereal radiance of moonlight. Iris shimmers with a cool silver glow onto the soft warm earthiness of angelica seeds, cedar bark and vetiver, cut with a green snap of galbanum. Timelessly elegant and resolutely sophisticated, Frosted Moon is an intriguingly paradoxical perfume.

A warm embrace of sandalwood with a swirl of the orient. This intoxicating scent reveals voluptuous sandalwood billowing over a full-blown heart of Bulgarian rose and jasmine. Rich patchouli and smoky incense illuminated with golden amber heighten the alluring sensuality of Sybarite.


A libation to the Irish sun god. Lúnasa, masterfully created in partnership with perfumer Celine Guivarc ́h, sets vibrant mandarin and lush neroli against crisp green Irish clover and delicate violet leaves. All blending seamlessly onto a solar amber base.

Suede Galore

A nuanced expression of the soft sensuality of suede. Suede Galore captures the seductive allure of supple nude suede. Rich guaiac wood and tonka flecked with smoky incense add a sumptuous sensuality, while osmanthus absolute shimmers with a warm peachy glow.

About Cloon Keen.

An Irish Story
Cloon Keen is a perfumer based in the heart of the medieval city of Galway. For nearly two decades, it has created scents that are deeply entwined with Irish landscape, history, and tradition.

Galway is perched on the western edge of Atlantic Ireland, surrounded by beauty, with the unique landscape of the Burren to the south, the iconic Connemara landscape to the north and the celebrated Galway Bay— guarded by the prehistoric stone forts of the Aran Islands—to the west.

Galway’s rich oral, literary, craft and design traditions combine to form an innate aesthetic that translates into a singular cultural identity—one that has inspired hundreds of individual and collective creatives to produce beautiful, meaningful work.

Cloon Keen is one of these collectives. Pairing an elegant, restrained design sensibility with environmental sustainability, Cloon Keen is a unique brand that combines lyricism, authenticity, quality, and craftsmanship in its fragrance collection.

The beginning
Cloon Keen was founded by two filmmakers. After many years of working in the film industry, they followed their hearts and moved to Galway to start Cloon Keen in a small atelier overlooking Galway Bay.

The Cloon Keen collection, influenced by the founders’ filmmaking background, sets evocative scenes that are both precious and fragile.

Authentically crafted
From the beginning, Cloon Keen’s craftsmen have made both its candle and perfume collections by hand in its Galway workshop.

Using the most exquisite and carefully selected raw materials, the Cloon Keen craftsman uses time-honored manufacturing techniques combined with in-house innovations to consistently create the exceptional.

The heart and soul of a Cloon Keen product come through the perfumer’s skill and artistry. Noble ingredients are generously combined to create evocative and sumptuous olfactory atmospheres. Each one has a uniquely Irish sensibility.

Batches of 50
Handmade in the Galway Atelier by uncompromising artisans, Cloon Keen perfumes are produced in batches of 50. Each batch is slightly different because Cloon Keen perfumes contain a very high percentage of rare absolutes, resins, and essential oils, and their scents are all affected by environmental factors such as the weather and quality of the soil.

Every batch is treated with patience and given time to macerate, smooth and develop, in a similar fashion to a good wine. When the maceration has been completed, the next step is to chill and filter the batch, thus removing any residue that remains after maceration.

Bottles are then hand-polished and labeled before being placed into our bespoke boxes. A seal is only applied when the artisan is entirely sure that the perfume meets the strict Cloon Keen quality standards.

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