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Antique Library

Evoking the unique olfactory atmosphere of the ‘Old Library’.

Under the vaulted ceiling, wax-polished bookshelves hold row upon row of leather-bound books, punctuated by marble busts of philosophers, writers, and members of Ireland’s literary and scholarly elite.

Inspired by the Long Room in the library of Trinity College Dublin, Antique Library is a richly-polished fragrance. Incense, spicy nutmeg and leather lounge on a base of ancient cedar and beeswax in our tribute to this historic library. 

Autograph Tree

A tribute to the deep roots of Ireland’s literary heritage. 

Autograph Tree takes its name from the magnificent copper beech tree in the walled garden of Coole Park on which the faded initials of Lady Gregory, W. B. Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Sean O’Casey, and J. M. Synge are found.

Autograph Tree is burnished with the scent of the carved bark of blonde wood entwined with oud, exotic spices and a puff of sacred incense.


A carpet of bluebells after an Irish rain shower.

As delicate as the petals of the flower itself, Bluebell is a dewy and whimsical scent that carries the scent of bluebell with whispers of lily of the valley, lily, and warm jasmine blossoms in a soft spring breeze.

Cuirín Dubh

Bejeweled leafy blackcurrant shrubs.

Sun-ripened blackcurrants, laced with the freshness of mint, blend seamlessly with rose petals and a subtle hint of forest moss. 

Exotic Woods

Summer-hazed cedar cabins surrounded by spruce forests and dark still water. 
Exotic Woods’s treacly, warm tones capture the unique aroma of sap that oozes from sun-warmed cedar. Aromatic rosemary, ozonic notes and tart grapefruit enliven this evocative mix. 

Fig Tree

Inspired by local folklore surrounding a fig tree that grows in Galway’s River Corrib.

This fig tree, bound to the ancient Franciscan Abbey, sits on a nearby riverbank. Legend has it that a Franciscan friar brought the seeds back to Ireland from Bethlehem after serving on a mission as a ‘Custos' for the Holy Land. Its survival in the inclement Galway climate is now thought to be a ‘botanical miracle’.

Fig Tree has delicate floral notes, laced with a hint of plummy sweetness. Blonde woods with golden amber tones evoke fig tree bark.

Gooseberry Leaf

The herald of an Irish summer. 

Ripe gooseberry currants are enhanced with crisp citrus oils and a hint of hedgerow fruits. A vibrant and sparkling accord. 


Windows open onto a herb garden.

Garden fresh mint, muddled with sweet ripened citrus fruit, sits on a veil of aromatic armoise to create a refreshing and modern impression. 


Mountain Flower

Under the Moorish Wall, the scent of sun-warmed magnolias and orange blossoms fill the air.

Mountain Flower is a tender tribute to Nora Barnacle, the Galwegian wife of James Joyce, whose imprint on the character of Molly Bloom in the epic Irish novel Ulysses is palpable. 

Mountain Flower reflects the earthy passion of Molly's famous soliloquy in a voluptuous blend of orange blossom and magnolia, and its warm, dark base of amber, sandalwood and patchouli lend it an intriguing sensuality.

Noble Fir

A medieval tower stands amid a snowy evergreen forest.

Crisp, resinous pine needles are softened by an aromatic veil of fir balsam, amber and cedar. A subtle blend of clove and cinnamon heighten the festive atmosphere of this addictive Christmas scent

Spanish Arch

Petitgrain and neroli with a crisp burst of green stems.

Spanish Arch, which takes its name from the sixteenth-century stone arch still visible beside the River Corrib, evokes a Spanish idyll of warm air heavy with the scent of blossoms. Crunchy green stems provide a crisp freshness while a hint of rose in full bloom adds richness to this opulent composition.


An architectural scent.

The minerality of grey limestone softened by herb-infused aged leather

A mineral rock accord cushioned on well-worn leather denotes an ancient promontory cliff fort. The wild Atlantic wind brings a rugged resinous gust of cistus, mastic and cypress.

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