Caravel Cutlery Set - Black PVD


Design: Henning Koppel

5 Pieces (11,12,13,21,22)

The Caravel cutlery pattern was first designed in sterling silver and introduced in 1957 by Henning Koppel. The pattern was praised for its brilliant functionalist expression and style. In 1986 the pattern was launched in stainless steel making the contemporary design available for connoisseurs and gastronomy enthusiasts. As a celebration of 100 years of design collaboration with Henning Koppel the pattern is re-launched with a black PVD coating in 2018.

The set consists of one starter fork, one dinner fork, one dinner knife, one dinner spoon and one dessert spoon.

Materials: Black PVD coated stainless steel
Launch year: 2018

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