Canal Chair Ton Sur Ton Dining Chair

Shell Color:

Design: Luca Nichetto (2017)

Material: Metal, Purcore molded with cut foam layer, upholstery Divina MD

Mainly docked around a table in the manner of a moored boat, Luca Nichetto’s Canal Chair is inspired by a historical type of ship that dominated the Mediterranean waterways for centuries. From Greece to the Republic of Venice, galleys sailed away with powerful grace and precious cargoes, exchanging luxurious merchandise and chasing dreams of glory.

The Canal Chair stands proud, with its back resembling the bow of a boat while displaying timeless compositions of subtle tone-on-tone hues, or bolder color-play combinations. With its wide assortment of diverse bases, including a swivel option, and multiple upholstered seats to choose from, the chair’s contemporary design is visually adaptable to suit all kinds of interiors.

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