Boutique - Triple Seater Sofa

Fabric Category:

Design: Marcel Wanders (2005)

Seater: steel base construction, CMHR foam upholstered.
Signature Cover: fabric is teflon treated and has a fire retardant coating.

A sofa to fit your personal style, to outlast everyday interiors, and to keep up to date forever!

A new tenderness is born into the Boutique collection, a cozy embracing look with a warm heart.

Conceived, developed, and designed by Marcel Wanders, the Boutique sofa is a timeless piece of furniture. The Boutique sofa contours, dimensions, and sheer comfort make it highly sitter-friendly. With a unique artistic temperament and specially designed fabrics & patterns, it makes it the perfect sofa to brighten up your interior.

The archetype classical form makes this sofa collection ideal to dress with any of the 20 different creative, detailed, and fashionable covers. To top it all you can also choose between 5 types of feet! Together, it makes a huge range of possibilities.

Legs and back cushions to be ordered separately. Cat I-LIII: fixed upholstery. Signature cover: Arredo.

Boutique sofas and covers must always be dry cleaned. Do not machine wash and do not apply any cleaning product which contains bleach or bleaching agents. Always read the label of any cleaning product you intend to use on or near any item from the collection.

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