Experience the iconic, timeless designs by Dibbern. Dibbern is committed to understated design, drawing from the Bauhaus principles of unifying form and function. By prioritizing the aesthetic appeal of simplicity, these dishes embody tradition and timelessness rather than any fleeting trend. JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture offers an array of Dibbern collections. Explore our Dibbern bone china, ceramics and other dishware products below.

The Iconic German Collection

Since the company’s founding in the 1960s, Dibbern has represented the finest in premier bone china dishware, and JANGEORGe has long been a proud Dibbern reseller. With a local German start that has spread across the globe, the company has maintained their commitments from the beginning to quality with simple timelessness rather than mass production.

Individually Crafted Dishes for Your Home

Using bone ash to craft china gives each piece high levels of density and durability. Despite the company’s impressive level of production, each piece is turned by hand, with individual care. Their glasses are not only hand-cut but mouth-blown, rather than relying on methods of mass production. This level of commitment to each piece makes Dibbern ceramics the premium choice for dishware.

Comprehensive Dining Accessories at JANGEORge Interiors & Furniture

We offer the finest Dibbern bone china dishes as well as glassware and ceramic pieces. Explore our collection of premium dishware in a variety of classic designs.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are updating our Dibbern Collections daily, and we try to have the collection up to date all the time. However, due to changes in the collections, we may have additional products or designs not yet posted online. Connect with our designers to learn more.