Space - Table Lamp CU


Design: Ward Wijnant (2020)

Material: Wooden base, plastic frame, glass bulbs, semi-transparent mirrored shade.

Let Space Table Lamp change the room.

This is truly something special. At first sight, you may think that the Space Table Lamp is a mirror that plays with your environment, but as soon as you touch the dimmer on its back, you will discover that a couple of lightbulbs are hidden within its surface.

Space Table Lamp creates the impression of dividing a room in two or rather guides you to a parallel universe. Hold your breath while you switch the dimmer and sway away to explore space you never knew existed.

Designed by Ward Wijnant, almost as if it came from another dimension, the Space Table Lamp is in close connection with its surroundings and it wants an audience. It enlarges its habitat by reflecting an altered image of the environment during the day. Then, in the dark of the night, it loves to shine its mysterious lights. Make sure to pay close attention, because when it does, its silver surface will become translucent, and a new world will appear from within its ostensible mirror.

Input voltage: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 
Power consumption: MAX 3W
Lampholder: Solid State LED
Color Temperature: 3000K / CRI 87
Dimmable: Yes
Luminous flux (Lumen, lm): 32 lm
Switch: Integrated rotary dimmer with On/Off switch
Cable Length: 9,84 ft
Cable Color: Black

Space Table Spec Sheet

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